Théo Lavanchy



Email: lavanchy[at]


French, German, English, Spanish

Théo Lavanchy studied law at the University of Lausanne, focusing on commercial law, including banking law, corporate law and economic criminal law. He obtained his Master’s degree with magna cum laude in 2016, with a specialization in litigation law.

Besides of his studies, Théo Lavanchy worked as a clerk at the Lausanne Employment Court, as well as at the Justice de paix du Jura-Nord vaudois et du Gros-de-Vaud.

After his Master’s graduation, Théo Lavanchy worked successively in the legal department of a major media company, then with an international organization active in the field of nature conservation. Théo Lavanchy also did an internship in a law firm of Florida specialized in medical malpractice.

After completing his internship with HDC, Théo Lavanchy passed the bar exam in 2020 and currently practices as an associate. He is mainly active in the fields of intellectual property, new technologies and corporate law.